Privacy Policy

This application respects your preferences concerning the collection and usage of your personal information. For high-quality customized services, you may be asked to provide your personal information based on following privacy policy terms. Information will be extremely carefully collected, processed, and erased. This application promises that any of your personal information would not be revealed to third-party organizations or individuals for any unconfirmed usages. Privacy policy of this application keeps being updated. Please read this privacy policy carefully to understand our practices about how we collect, use and share your personal information. Agreement to the Terms of Usage is treated as agreement to the privacy policy since privacy policy is a necessary part of the Terms of Usage.

1.  About Our Privacy Policy

Hello! Welcome to the CYTX Privacy Policy.

CYTX (owned and operated by Beijing Creative Game Networks Technology Co., Ltd.) is committed to protecting your privacy. While our apps are designed for young kids and parents, our websites ( are intended for adult use only. We take privacy seriously at CYTX and this policy is designed to share the information we collect and how we use it. 

This Privacy Policy is also part of the Terms of Use that explain your rights and responsibilities, as well as CYTX’s, when using our services and sites.

If you don’t agree with this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use, you should not use these sites and services. 

2.  Information We Collect

We collect the following personal data from parents and grownups:

UU Learning collects user generated content from children, including drawings and audio recordings, and saves them on our servers to display back to parents in the UU Learning app. This content is not shared publicly at any time.

We collect the following non-personal information when you install and/or use one of our apps:

Additionally, we may use cookies and web beacons to help deliver and analyze our services (e.g., counting the number of times a page or advert has been viewed).

3.  How We Collect and Process Your Information

We collect and process personal data when parents and grownups voluntarily:

When a child is using UU Learning, they can save their user generated content in the form of drawings and audio recordings.

We collect and process non-personal data when you:

We may receive your non-personal data indirectly from the following third party analytics providers. These third parties do not share your user data; they are used to support the operation of our apps (respective privacy policies are noted below):

4.  How We Use Your Information

We work with companies that follow this privacy policy and agree not to use your information for any other purposes.

We use the information we collect to:

5. How We Store Your Information

CYTX uses generally accepted security measures and safeguards to keep the data it collects secure. We require that the third parties we work with do the same.

These measures and safeguards include:

Your information is retained as long as necessary or relevant for the practices described in this Privacy Policy. We also keep information as otherwise required by law.

CYTX cannot and does not guarantee and does not accept liability for unintentional disclosure.

6. Where We Store Your Information

The information we maintain may be stored both within and outside of the United States and Canada. As part of the services and products we offer and the third party services we use (e.g., payment processors), the information you provide to us may be transferred to countries outside these areas.

If we transfer your information outside of these areas, we will take appropriate steps to ensure that any personal data relating to you will continue to be adequately protected. By using our sites and services, you consent to such transfer(s) as necessary. 

7. Policy Changes

Respecting to new information and data conventions, we keep updating privacy policy for better services. If any severe changes have been made, we will inform you by sending emails to your email address of your account, or post announcements on our website, before applying new privacy policy. We recommend your checking the website periodically for latest privacy policy.

8. Contact us

If you have any questions or doubt about our privacy policy, or if you have any personal requirements of your information, please send emails to for further information.